At TPZ Project Arborists we believe that trees are an essential part of our urban environment providing shade, shelter, ecological diversity and a huge range of community benefits.


We believe that if simple steps are taken to manage trees professionally, we can minimise risk and maximise the benefits that trees provide.


Whether we are managing trees on development sites, assessing potential risks associated with trees, mediating in neighbourhood disputes or simply offering pruning advice we believe it is important to keep jargon to a minimum, and offer straightforward, objective and practical advice.
























TPZ Project Arborists have seven years experience in the Arboricultural industry in South East Queensland and Northern NSW, as well as extensive experience in the UK and Melbourne; during this time we have fostered important working relationships with local government (e.g. Gold Coast City Council) and with state government organisations (Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal - QCAT). We have excellent contacts throughout the arboricultural industry and work extensively throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and into Northern NSW.  

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